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Definition of lead in modern language Look at the picture below: Be prepared that we want to follow in Farhad's footsteps in this cycle and understand what path a potential customer (Farhad) takes to become our customer. Awareness This is the first step that Farhad will find you through Google organic search traffic, ads or social media. interest At this point, Farhad clicks on the link to your website, and since your site is extremely user-friendly, fast, and full of interesting content and products, he will return to your site a few days later and continue his reviews.

He may even call you at this point and have a phone call with you. Action At this point, after a conversation with Farhad, Farhad finally decides to buy from you. But the customer path does not end here .... Loyalty Farhad gets his glasses and goes to the company the next day. About 10 of his colleagues ask him where did you buy your glasses? And he introduces your site.

Now Farhad colleagues will come to your site and enter this cycle again. Now, to get a modern definition of lead, we have a question for you: Have you ever skipped one of these steps yourself? Let's put it simply: When you want to buy a drink, do you go straight to Coca-Cola or not? Or, for example, you did not eat the food of a restaurant at all, but recommend it to others? You see ... we do not necessarily have to go through these steps one after the other. This means that you may enter the cycle from the "interest" stage and become a customer right away. Or buy from the "awareness" stage at all . You may not even have bought a product yourself at all, but recommend it to others! The point is, it does not matter if you go through these steps one by one. You are considered a leader from every step you enter this cycle. That means you are someone who is interested in buying a product. So you do not have to give your phone number or email to become a leader! For example, when you see an ad on Instagram and follow that page, you are still considered a lead. Hack this sentence in your mind: Each customer , lead counts. But not every lead is necessarily a customer! Let's scrutinize this sentence with an example.

Remember Farhad. She sees an ad selling a women's perfume page on Instagram, and that page is so attractive that Farhad decides to follow it. Now Farhad is a leader for that store, but he is not necessarily a customer! Maybe next year Mother's Day will become a customer, maybe it will never become a customer. But he is considered a leader anyway, because he has shown interest in that page. Again, in this situation, we should try to convince Farhad to buy.

This is also called lead nurturing , which we will explain in more detail in the following sections of the article. But first we need to understand why leads are so important to businesses. Why is lead capture important? If you understand the definition of lead correctly, you can easily guess why finding a lead is so important for any business. Every business has its regular customers, but that is definitely not enough. We need more customers who would like to buy from us. Eventually, we will increase our sales and our business will grow. Of course, another reason that makes making a lead attractive to us is its low cost.

That is, it is much cheaper than other advertising methods. Now we want to talk a little more specialized and learn how to create leads. are you ready? So do not miss the next part in any way. How to create a lead? | Lead Generation Once you have an understanding of the process of creating a lead, it is better to think of ways to turn Farhad and the likes of Farhad into a lead. There are several ways to do this, which we will examine in the rest of this section.

Via Google One way to turn a user into a lead is through Google. That means you have a site, for example, when a user searches: "How To Convert Traffic Into Leads" You are the first site that Google shows him and clicks on your site. Now to create a lead through Google, you must first of all have a good and user-friendly site. So that if someone enters your site, he does not want to leave it.

Enough that the content, appearance and content of your site is attractive. To achieve the first results of Google, you must try to follow a series of principles that in the world of digital marketing, which is called SEO. (Ie search engine optimization) To read more about this, be sure to visit our SEO training page. In the following, we have explained to you two of the most important issues in this field. Content production The world of content production (text, photos, videos, podcasts, etc.) greatly helps you to create leads. In general, we create content to pass on some useful information to people for free, and at the same time ask them to take a look at our products / services if they want to.

Let us give an example.

For example, we put video content on our service pages that the audience can convert to leads faster after watching it. weblog If you are familiar with the blogging section of sites, you know how exciting it is. For example, right now you are in the blog section of our site. The great thing about a blog is that you can write articles from beginning to end with the goal of attracting leads.

For example, if you have a mobile phone shop website and you want to send the user to the Xiaomi Note 10 mobile phone purchase page, it is better to write an article about different types of Xiaomi phones and put the page link of that product in the article. Through social networks You need to look for a place where the audience is present. So what better place than social media?

Imagine how easily you can ask your Instagram followers to click on the link you put in the story or ask your Twitter followers to click on the link you put. You can even introduce your product or service in your Instagram posts and ask the audience to refer to the link you put in the bio to review or buy those products / services. Honestly, there are many ways to create leads on social traffic networks, especially Instagram, and it works very well. There have been many businesses that have made millions of leads only and only in this way, and eventually reached.

We suggest that if you want to learn zero to one hundred "earning money from Instagram" , be sure to visit the page of this course and check its topics. In this course, we have taught you everything from content production to customer acquisition methods and sales techniques on Instagram. Be sure to watch the video below to learn more about the content of this course.

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What is the secret of implementing this dream program? If I want to say in two words: progress and do not despair! We should try to stick to the program a little more every week, improve the program with trial and error and fix its problems, eventually we will become a legend depending on the speed of our progress!

If you see a small percentage of the program being done in the first weeks, do not worry at all, you are just a winding road first and it is natural to be incomplete! I also ran less than 30% of the program in the first week! Even in the second and third weeks I could not complete it; Instead, I started an ascending routine and after about 2 months, I reached a steady performance that I was satisfied with.

So put perfectionism aside and start, the only thing that matters is the beginning! Now you may encounter obstacles along the way that slow you down. Here are some of my own experiences with these obstacles and how I was able to manage them: • Lack of flexibility :

An important part of their flexibility program; That means allocating some free time for urgent tasks during the previous week. For example, I do not make any plans for Fridays, now if something happens during the week, I will borrow the time related to it from Friday, if not, I will rest on Friday!

• Eliminate all entertainment : The whole point of the program was to set times and assign them to tasks, but what I have not said yet is that entertainment is also a task for me and I set aside a certain amount of time for it. To make my program remember the land and have better efficiency! From God, which is not hidden from you. :)

• Bad social networks : Be aware of the time we spend checking and cyberspace. Sometimes we subconsciously drown in this space and it takes hours to get bored of it! What's up ?! Now that you have read this text, if your planning engine starts, all you have to do is sit down and write down your weekly schedules and plan for them little by little. In the first few weeks, do not push yourself at all and do not expect to run the whole program. Try to do this realistically and preferably do not write a program 25 hours a day!

After living your life with this style of program for a while, you will realize the difference with the previous one! At the end of each day, you feel that you have used all your potential and yourself (well, it really is!) And you are very satisfied with yourself. You can see your priorities much more clearly and divide your time according to them; It also gives you a very good view of the time and things you do; This means that you can clearly see if you have enough time for each project, extra activity or course!

For example, it took me two weeks from the beginning of the semester when I decided to skip the beautiful and very sweet lesson of signal and system analysis due to lack of time! This view is usually shared with others during the semester and after the midterm exam! I hope this text can take you one step further and make you progress.

I am happy to share your opinions and experiences in this field with me