Learn More: How To Convert Website Traffic Into Leads

You finally decided to promote your Instagram page, didn't you? As you probably know, many of the pages that have millions of followers on Instagram also came here with ads! Otherwise, if they wanted to grow naturally, it would take time now. Of course, advertising on Instagram also has its principles, and if you throw it in the water, you will not make any profit, and you will not waste any millions of Tomans of closed-ended money.

But do not forget that currently, there are more than 50 million Iranian users on Instagram! This number is not a small number at all and it greatly increases your chances of earning money from this social network. So it is better to use this opportunity as soon as possible and achieve growth and success with the help of Instagram ads.

In this article, we are with you again to share our years of experience and knowledge, and finally start our Instagram page ads without any worries. Learn to advertise on Instagram Instagram ads; A shortcut to monetization Many of the millions of pages you see on Instagram have grown in the same way. In the following article, we will explain the way of advertising on Instagram so that you no longer need to try and make mistakes. The second way is to grow naturally on Instagram; You just have to be patient and produce compelling content.

This method may take some time, but it is possible. Since your head is found in this article, the first method must be more attractive to you and you want to get a result a little faster. So let's go buddy :) Learn to advertise on Instagram To begin this tutorial, we ask you to take a step back and ask yourself, if I advertise and someone is satisfied to come to my page, do I have a way to attract them at a glance? Or is it going to face a blank page?

We mean, before Traffic from Instagram to your website, be sure to touch your head and face on your page.

From the profile picture to the bio and at least the last 9 posts of your page are extremely important and decisive. So if you want the audience to follow your page right away, be sure to consider this point. Below is a list of practical articles. Save them somewhere for yourself, because they will definitely come in handy. How to write an attractive text for your Instagram bio?

Everything about content production on Instagram A complete guide to writing Instagram captions Once you are sure of the content of your page, choose the best way to advertise on Instagram. Advertising methods on Instagram Those who live outside this border and canvas, have 3 ways to advertise on Instagram :)

1. Use the Instagram Ads service This method is not useful for Iranian users at all. Why? This is a system for targeted advertising, which means you can target the audience according to their interests and show them your ad.  and does not show advertisements to Iranians properly at all. Apart from that, paying it in dollars also has its problems.

2. Influencer advertising or the same as influencer marketing You have probably seen people like oyster beauty promoting different brands. For a complete introduction to this method, you can read the article "The most complete influencer marketing guide ".Influencer advertising or the same as influencer marketing But in short, influence ads, that is, ask popular and influential Instagram bloggers to introduce our brand / page / product to their followers. Everything about content production on InstagramBe sure to read: Everything about content production on Instagram The advantage of this method is that if done correctly, it will definitely give good results and many people will follow you with the trust of their beloved influencer. But it usually costs a lot, and we suggest you use the latter method to get started.

3. Advertising on public pages More general pages also have their own audience, and the ads on them, if done correctly, will be highly responsive. We will explain the terms and details of the ads on these pages in more detail below, but in general you should know that they cost much less than influencer ads, and usually your ad post or story on these pages will last up to a maximum of 48 hours. Now, which of these two ways works best depends entirely on your advertising budget and the current state of your page and business. But do not forget that if we do not choose the right influencer or page, we may lose all our advertising capital. In the next section, we will examine what the criteria are for a good page to advertise.

The best Instagram pages for advertising Choosing the best page for Instagram ads is not an easy task. You do not know which one to trust and which page is more suitable for advertising. In order to find the best Instagram pages for advertising, be sure to pay attention to the following criteria.

Engagement Rate Never be fooled by the number of followers on a page. Always pay attention to the amount of interaction. To read more about this, you can read the article " Everything you need to know about Instagram engagement ". But we advise you to always take a look at the number of likes and comments on that page to see if that page is really what you seem or not!

The subject of the page is related to your field of work This is especially important in influencer advertising. You need to find an influencer who works in your field. The reason is clear. For example, imagine that even if oyster beauty comes and advertises industrial tools (which it does not!) Your ads will not respond. Because the 3.5 million people who follow oysters do not need your product at all. But if you give the same ad to a page like @alimonatrips , for example ,

you will definitely get better results and High Converting Traffic. Because the audience of this page will definitely need tools to repair their cars.